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OAMK Dance studio / Kotkantie 1

Course 14.9.-18.9. klo 10.00-13.00
(includes showcase in Rotuaari Square)

Founded in 2001, Gecko is an award winning, internationally acclaimed physical theatre company, led by Artistic Director Amit Lahav. This course will offer an introduction to Gecko’s creative process and give participants an insight into the company’s unique style of movement and devising for performance. Participants will develop skills within voice work, ensemble work and storytelling whilst creating their own innovative movement through improvisation.

Dan Watson is a freelance performer and maker working in dance and performance. Originally a member of StopGAP Dance Company, he went on to work with artists such as Wendy Houstoun, Nigel Charnock, Stan Won’t Dance, 5 Men Dancing, Slung Low Theatre, Sweetshop Revolution and Seven Sisters Group. In 2012, he was Choreographic Assistant on the BAFTA and Academy Award winning Universal/Working Title movie Les Misérables. 

Price: 150€ / 120€ JoJo's members
More information from Maritta Laesmaa, p. 050 585 3906

Last apply 26.8. maritta.laesmaa(at)jojo.fi

Collaboration with: Oamk

Picture: Andy Ferreira



OAMK Dance Studio/ Kotkantie 1

Workshop 13.9.16 klo 14-17.00

The workshop focuses on expressing thought physically through Corporeal Mime. We will approach the theme through articulation, musicality of movement, counterweights and repertoire.

Corporeal Mime was created by the Frenchman Etienne Decroux (1898–1991). It is a movement technique for physical actors and a living art form. Central to Corporeal Mime is the physicalisation of the rich scope of humanity, from concrete work to abstract thought and dreams.

Actor-Mime Reetta Honkakoski specialised in Corporeal Mime for seven years in London, studying at the internationally acclaimed school of Theatre de L’Ange Fou. She is the only Finnish Corporeal Mime. 

Picture: Edward Moore



OAMK Dance Studio/ Kotkantie 1

Workshop 14.9.16 klo 14-17.00

Always wanted to try out that one choreographic idea? During this three-hour workshop, you’ll get the chance! During SNAP CHOREOGRAPHY, you’ll do it all from developing your concept, to choreographing, getting feedback and presenting your work to audience! Whether your choreographic ideas are movement based or theatrical, you’ll receive many practical tips and plenty of inspiration during the course.

Jaakko Toivonen is a dance professional with roots in Finland and a great deal of experience in multiple dance genres. He has choreographed for contemporary dance companies as well as multiple television shows. Toivonen also works as an adviser for The Dutch Performing Arts Fund. 




OAMK Dance Studio/ Kotkantie 1

Workhop 15.9 klo 14-17.00

Choreographer, dance artist and pedagogue Alpo Aaltokoski (MA, Artist Professor 2003-2008 and Pro Finlandia award 2013) is one of the key figures of the Finnish dance scene.

The workshop consists of two parts. The first part is a technical class, basic exercises that warm up and tune the body and the mind. The focus of the class is in isolation and flowing movement initiated from the pelvis. The second part focuses on movement improvisation and composition as tools for choreographic practice. The exercises are based on the working processes of Alpo’s dance works Take my hand and Together. 

Picture: Ninna Lindström





OAMK Dance Studio / Kotkantie 1

Workshop 16.9 Beginners klo 14-15.15 | More experience klo 15.30-17.00

These workshops will be led by the cast members of CYPHER, featuring some of the best b*boys in Australia. Participants will be taken through the foundation elements of Breaking including toprock and uprock variations, drops and footwork styles. We will also work with your individual styles and techniques with methods to open up your flow and technical tips on power moves and freeze combinations. The workshop will include a cypher where we will work on musicality, character and call outs. The vibe will be open and fun so come along and get down! 


Picture: Johnny Chlang


JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre

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