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Beatrix and Jenna were born in isolated European countries. They have the same amount of muscles and bones. They are movers, acrobatics, both comfortable with steam and water. Women of the Y-generation. Blonde and brunette. Nordic and Central-European. One’s ancestors lived under the Turkish empire, the other under the Swedish. One drinks pálinka and the other Koskenkorva. Almost sisters. Not quite.

Long time no see! is a research project about common roots and isolation, social similarities and peculiarities. It dives into meaning of words and metacommunication, actions and reactions, the space between an understanding and a misunderstanding, as sisters, as cousins.  A performance by a Hamburg-based Hungarian and Brussels-based Finn that explores the curious and familiar aspects of two distinct cultures albeit common roots.


The piece after its premier in Brussels and Budapest was selected in the Festival d'Avignon Sujets à Vif program in 2018 and in Aerowaves twenty19 Spring Forward Festival. Since then it was presented at many European dance houses such as Hessisches Staastballett Darmstadt, Oriente Occidente Festival Rovereto, Španski borci Ljubljana, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles and Théâtre Marni Bruxelles.

Concept, choreography, performers: Beatrix Simkó, Jenna Jalonen | Sound design: Ábris Gryllus | Text: András Vinnai | Set design, photography, video: Daniel Dömölky | Costume design: Emese Kasza – Mei Kawa | Lighting design: Daniel Dömölky, Krisztián Balaázs | Creative manager: Andrea Kovács / Let it Be! art agency |Production manager: Anita Vodál | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre | Duration: 65 min

Beatrix Simkó is a Hungarian dancer, choreographer and media artist. In her works she engages the environments surrounding us via the expressive tools of the physical body. In the recent years she has worked in many international theatre and dance collaborations in Berlin, Stockholm, Bern, and Hamburg. Until 2020 she is selected artist of the Creative Crossroads Life Long Burning Program in partnership with Workshop Foundation.


Jenna Jalonen aka triplejay was born in Finland, educated in Hungary and currently based in Belgium. She has been dancing for and creating together with several international companies and choreographers such as Eva Duda Dance Co., Central Europe Dance Theater, Kubilai Khan Investigations, Kwaad bloed/Ugo Dehaes, fAbuleus, Thierry du Mey, Theater Bremen, Máté Mészáros, Untamed Productions, Notch Company/Oriane Varak and HODWORKS.


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