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What becomes of five siblings brought up in Kemi, whose father wanted them to become engineers? Artists, of course! The Heikkinen siblings, Olli, Anni, Maiju, Liisa and Eetu spent their childhood in different parts of Kemi, mostly in the suburbs of Ajos. They began music and gymnastics hobbies as children and have consequently travelled individual roads into becoming two musicians, two dancers and one circus performer.

In Iltamat (The Soiree), the viewers get to peek into the siblings’ childhood, adventures, playtime and shared experiences which have molded them into the persons and artists they are today. The communality between siblings is not only restricted to the stage, but the viewers are invited along to a unique journey on which everyone can experience the power of doing things together.

The modern society seems to further be divided into smaller communities and governed by intense juxtapositions. The H-collective wants to offer people a chance to leave society’s contradictions for a while and return to the 90s safe suburb in Kemi, where life was carefree and communal. 


Performers: Anni Heikkinen, Eetu Heikkinen, Liisa Heikkinen, Maiju Heikkinen, Olli Heikkinen | Director: Jani Nuutinen | Concept and design: The team| Music/audio: Eetu Heikkinen, Olli Heikkinen | Lighting and visualisation: Elina Romppainen | Producer: Petteri Jakobsson | Production: H-Collective, JoJo –Oulu Dance Centre, Kemi City Theatre| Sponsors: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, South Carelia | Thank you: Maracat Caravan, Oulu University of Applied Sciences | Photo: Elina Romppainen | Duration: 60 min.


​Tickets for the shows at Kemi city theatre:

Tickets 23€/ 21€ / 14€

The tickets are sold in the lobby of Kemi cultural centre, (Marina Takalon katu 3). Tickets are sold on Tue- Thur 11.00-16.00, Fri 14.00-19.00 and two hours prior to shows, p: 016 258 232. Tickets can be reserved at the theater office on Mon—Fri 9.00-14.00 by phoning 016 258 219

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