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Old performances 2018






Wed 21.11. at 19, premiere

Thu 22.11. at 19

Fri 23.11. at 14

Fri 23.11. at 19

Sat 24.11. at 14

Sat 24.11. at 19

Let’s celebrate, let’s share, let’s come and dance.

William PETIT and his Nomad Fabrik will be back in Oulu, on the invitation of JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre.

A journey through dance / juggling elements gathered for the pleasure of crossing them, the interaction as a basis of involvement for all, through the magical Eastern Europe musical universe composed by Miqueu Montanaro.

William Petit and Carlos Molina Llorens offer us this new creation concocted with jubilation to traverse a moment of day or nightlife, a smile all on the face.

Jugglers, dancers, performers and a group of amateur dancers from the city of Oulu are implicated to escort us through this delightful feast, let your senses be deployed to be a part of this tremendous puzzled multi-art composition, a gypsy taste floating in the air, which ends with a ball.

A hymn to the joie de vivre, through the meanders of this impertinent contemporary nomadic cabaret.

Piece is for adults. Children over the age of 10 are welcome to come with the adults.

Concept: William PETIT (choreographer) in collaboration with Carlos MOLINA LLORENS (visual artist) | Music composition: Miqueu MONTANARO | Light and scenography: Carlos MOLINA LLORENS | Performers/dancer : a group of amateur dancers from the city of Oulu, Riina KALMI and Pirjo YLI-MAUNULA, William PETIT as guests. | Jugglers/dancers : Virginie CHARBONNIER, Christophe PILVEN | Production: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Fabrik Nomade | Co-produced: Flow Production (Oulu, Finland), Cie L’Autre Main (Revel-Tourdan, France) | With the support of Institut Français de Finlande, Nono Theater (Marseille, France), Studio La Liseuse/Georges Appaix (Marseille, France), the Conseil Départemental du Var (France), Ville de Toulon (France), la SPEDIDAM | Duration: 90 min




Thu 11.10. at 19

Fri 12.10. at 19
Sat 13.10. at 19

Wed 17.10. at 19

Thu 18.10. at 19

Fri 19.10. at 19

Kyllikki is a dance performance about the history and sexuality of the body of a Finnish woman, where the maidens of Impivaara engage in a dialogue with the women of the Y generation.


The choreographer Hanna Poikela asks, which came first?

The chicken or the egg, war or sex, the thrill or the mundane routines?


Kyllikki dances for everyone, who ponder the female body and the related hopes and expectations, urges and desires. Kyllikki tolls for those, who wish to support and understand the fellow human.


Kyllikki is a shared performance of its creators. An intelligent intuition that has carried the movement and sound between folklore and our times.


The team members, except for some unexpected variables, have a common background in Dance Theatre Hämy. The team is led by choreographer Hanna Poikela, who is one of the most prominent young professionals in Finnish folk dance.


The stage is set for an ensemble of three women: Elssa Antikainen and Lotta Kyllönen-Jämsä from Oulu and Riina Hosio from Helsikin. Sound design and composition are by Tapio Miettinen from Kokkola. He is also the musician on the stage. The visual design is by Essi Jylhä from Oulu.


Choreography: Hanna Poikela | Sound design, composition, musician: Tapio Miettinen | Dancers: Elssa Antikainen, Riina Hosio, Lotta Kyllönen-Jämsä | Visual design: Essi Jylhä | Director’s mentoring: Anna Myllylä | Photos: Simon Beyer-Pedersen | Production: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Dance Theatre Hämy | The performance has been supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu | Recommended age: 12+ | Duration: about 1 hour






Aquarium of Torni Buildning aka Festaario

Thu 7.6. at 20

Fri 8.6. at 20

Sat 9.6. at 20 premiere

Thu 14.6. at 20

Fri 15.6. at 20

Sat 16.6. at 20

Site specific performance Last Supper brings the audience momentarily into a transitional phase, somewhere between life and death, truth and lies.  

The slow disappearance of the fog curtain will reveal new dimensions full of dualism, absurdum, Doomsday scenarios and even romanticism.


Last Supper is not a traditional dance show, but rather a performance art piece where the presence of the audience is fundamental.

Artists Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen are pleased to invite you to this unique art experience that will resonate long after the curtain call.


‘Gallery Last Supper’ will open its doors six evenings in June in the aquarium of Torni building on the edge of the Snellmann Park, Hallituskatu 9 in Oulu.


Choreography and performance: Jaakko Toivonen and Milla Virtanen | Sound technique: Anssi Laiho | Editing: Sanna Silvennoinen| Properties: Heidi Kesti | Duration: approx. 60 min | Recommended age: 14+ | In Collaboration with: Hub of Events




Main Stage

Wed 2.5. at 18

Thu 3.5. at 12



Thu 3.5. at 18.30

Fri 4.5. at 10


Small Stage

Sat 5.5. at 10

Sat 5.5. at 18


Vinttikamari Studio

Sat 5.5. at 11

Sat 5.5. at 14




Fri 27.4. at 19 premiere

Sat 28.4. at 19

Thu 17.5. at 19

Fri 18.5. at 19

Sat 19.5. at 19


“Re:Action” is a whole evening contemporary dance performance with live music. Reaction or take action can express how we handle different levels of ourselves in multiple situations and interactions. A mixture of smaller, experiences, free inventions, absurdities and improvisations where anything can happen, anything is possible and likely not. There are no secrets, no inconsistencies, no scruples, no law. Painful, pleasing, going a tone of sadness and compassion for all humans in all faces of life. Can we be liberators or appear as something embarrassing, but when the situation is the worst, comes the awakening, people are cleaved, doubled, duplicated, evaporator, is continued flowing out assembled. But an awareness stands above all do you react or take action?

Choreogapher: Simon Beyer-Pedersen | Musician: Olli Estola | Dancers: Janne Aspvik, Meri Salmela | Chor. advisor: Heli Pippingsköld | Supported by: JoJo Dance Center Oulu, Arts Promotion Center Finland | Duration: 50min.




Fri 6.4. at 19

Sat 7.4. at 19


Dreams for the future can aid us to live, but they can also prevent us from living the life that we really desire for. The original double-bill evening, where Taneli's solo premiered, was about a wake-up - a rethinking of the meaning and importance of dreams.

In his solo Classical Beauty the dancer-choreographer Taneli Törmä (FI/DK) is hunting for one of his dreams - to dance his way to become a classical ballet male soloist. This dream is something that he could not have done alone anymore. In the solo, he needs to modify his dream in order for it to come true.

Taneli graduated from the Finnish National Ballet School in 2005. Sometimes it takes 11 years or more to get the courage to face the actual tools to fulfill the dream - so that the dream is finally true to yourself.

Taneli Törmä performs his dream humorously, but with a profound honesty.

Choreographer & Performer: Taneli Törmä | Corps de ballet: 16 students from local ballet school | Light designer: Mårten K. Axelsson | Sound designer and composer: Erik Schrøder Christoffersen & Tchaikovsky | Costume designer: Inbal Lieblich | Artistic mentor: Catherine Poher | Technician:David Nicolás Abad | Administrator: The project Center at Dansehallerne| Producer: Jan Vesala and LOCATION X | Re-Dream is funded: Danish Arts Foundation and Københavns Scenekunstudvalg | Duration: 25min.



Fri 6.4. at 19

Sat 7.4. at 19

On a blindingly white dance floor This is the Title unfolds with fluid elegance. The work questions the relation between our individual choices, the norms set by our environment and the boundaries that we ourselves build. After it´s Helsinki premier, This is the Title has toured in 14 countries across Europe, Asia and North-America.  
Reconstructing the conventions of contemporary movement and breaking, Iduozee´s debut work was also a contemplation on his personal body history. The choreographic arrangement of the work is based on a set of repetitive gestures, that interplay with video, light and sound. The distinctive approach to movement comes from Iduozee’s background in both breakdance and contemporary techniques. As we watch his sculpted and ever-moving body, he becomes a prisoner of the precise space he has created for himself. Subtle lighting and sound design complete this minimalist landscape, where the power and grace of the performer captivates our imagination and senses. 

"Ima Iduozee dances in a space that radiates around him in a very humble way, delicatly. The silent beauty that emerges from it´s jouxtes invisibly revives our thirst for light and calmness." -Le Monde / 21.7.2014 


Coreography and Performance: Ima Iduozee | Lighting desing: Jani-Matti Salo| Sound desing: Kasperi Laine | Artistic advisor: Kaisa Torkkel | Production:URB Festival, Kiasma - Museum of contemporary art, Ima Iduozee | Support: Uudenmaan taidetoimikunta | Premiere: 31.7.2012 | Duration:23min. 




Vinttikamari, Oulun Theatre

Tue 27.3. at 10​​

Tue 27.3. at 13

Wed 28.3. at 13

Wed 28.3. at 18

Thu 29.3. at 13

Thu 29.3. at 18​

Born Old – Tietäjä Iänikuinen - is an interdisciplinary performance created specifically for children aged 3 to 10. The piece uses movement, song and projection to bring to life some of the characters from Finland's ancient epic, Kalevala.

The central storyteller uses dance and song, with the help of a digital artist and some real-time technological magic, to re-create the mythological world of Kalevala.

The piece follows the adventures of Väinämöinen, born already an old man, and his adventures in the mythical North. We re-imagine him as a modern-day eco-warrior who uses his magic songs to enchant the plants and encourage the trees to grow. His curiosity leads him to travel North where he is tricked by the witch Louhi and has to use all his skills and courage to escape from her greedy grasp.

Children have the chance to play with the technology and explore their own digital light painting after the story has unfolded.


Choroegraphy: Tanja Råman |Visual and sound design: John Collingswood | Dance and song: Marjo Kiukaanniemi | Production: TaikaBox ry, JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre | Duration: 40min.





Wed 14.3. at 19

Thu 15.3. at 19


Saviruukku, Claypot, discusses the current thematics of humanity through contemporary dance and traditional African dance: how do I find my place in Finland while preserving my roots?

Claypot is a performance choreographed by Sibiry Konaté. Konaté was born in Burkina Faso. The performance contemplates how different cultures collide and understand each other. The silence is surprising when coming to Finland. However, in silence you can learn to know yourself and other people. In the beginning, there might be fear and the unknown causes insecurities, but at the same time, new possibilities are opening. In a strange environment, being re-born takes courage and openness. A dialogue without a common language. If the contact with people is lost and humanity disappears, what is left? Among the rush and competition conflicts may arise, battles and reaching for your own place.

Choreography: Sibiry Konaté | Dancers: Sibiry Konaté, Mbacke Niang | Musician: Issiaka Dembele | Video design Jussi Rastas, Sami Lamberg | Video sound design Jarkko Kela | Director’s assistant Annamari Karjalainen | Lightning design Anttoni Halonen | Duration about 40 minutes

Production of the visit: Oulu Music Festival, JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre




Fri 26.1. at 19

Sat 27.1. at 19


A ritualistic performance creates paradoxical events with an associative and experimental and be closer to oneself. 


The jigsaw of choreography evokes emotions as well as numbness, in which I draw my first breath in order to hear my own heartbeat. The performance is set between lines in order to emancipate the echo which reveals the logical and absurd energies of existence in the world. 


The bi-directionally resonating washing line (an invisible something) of the artwork suggests riding on the currents where otherness could become understood.


Choreographer and dancer Joona Halonen is known for his dark and minimalist poetic worlds where motion and body reside in the sounds of these worlds.


Choreography: Joona Halonen | Sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä | Spatial design:Salla Salin | Lighting design: Johannes Hallikas | Costume design: Minttu Vesala | Producer: Ulrika Vilke | Dancers: Arttu Palmio, Marika Peura, Guillermo Sarduy and Katri Soini | Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Cirko – Center for New Cirkus and choreographer Joona Halonen | Premiere: 6th September 2017 | Duration: approx. 55 minutes



Oulun kaupunginteatteri, Suuri näyttämö

La 2.9.2017 ensi-ilta

Juhani Ahon klassikkoromaaniin pohjautuva Rautatie (1884) kuvaa korvessa asuvan vanhan pariskunnan elämää, jonka rauhallinen elinpiiri järkkyy naapuripitäjään ilmestyvän rautatien myötä. Kuulopuheet ja silminnäkijäkertomukset ihmeellisestä rautaisesta tiestä eivät tunnu mahtuvan edes Matin ja Liisan mielikuvitukseen, mutta pelonsekaisin tuntein on tätä ihmettä kuitenkin päästävä todistamaan. Matkasta rautatieasemalle ja junan kyytiin muodostuu järisyttävä kokemus. Vaikka Matti ja Liisa palaavat matkaltaan kotiin samoihin pieniin ympyröihinsä, ei mikään ole enää entisellään. 

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