Old performances 2019



Fri 18.1. at 19

Sat 19.1. at 19

Blondes is a version of Paula Tuovinen's 2000 solo piece Blonde reworked for Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything and Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes.

It is a recycled version of the original choreography that assumes its own shapes, and flows without any restrictions. It focuses on Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything and Joonas Lampi of Hot Tubes, corresponding to the dynamic duo of Paula Tuovinen and set designer Kimmo Takala in the original. An amoeba-like constellation of members of Hot Tubes also appears in every performance.

Paula Tuovinen's original performance explored the notions attached to the white female: woman as nature, woman as a child or a child-like creature, the white woman as a person of colour and the white woman as a joke. In the new version Michaela and the Hot Tubes blow up the notions and expressions of blondeness and give the centre stage to the inner bimbo in us all.

The performance is inspired by everything silly and weird. The bimbos can be children of nature, innocent, mean, unpredictable, irrational; they can come in high heels with high voices. They can be desired and despised, simultaneously goddesses and idiots – or not.

Choreography: Paula Tuovinen, Laura Pietiläinen | Performers: Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything, Joonas Lampi, featuring Kuumat Putket | Lighting and sound design: Mikko Hynninen | Stylist: Joonas Lampi | Residency: Saaren kartano | Production: Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus, Paula Tuovinen, Laura Pietiläinen | Photo: Noora Geagea | Premiere: 5.12.2018 at Zodiak, Helsinki | Duration: n. 40 min





Thu 28.3. at 18 Premiere in Oulu

Fri 29.3. at 9 & 11

Sat 30.3. at 17

Mon 1.4. at 10

Tue 2.4. at 9 & 11

Wed 3.4. at 18

A Real Prince is a dance performance about friendship, play and social skills. In this whimsical dance-theatre piece for the whole family our main character Mette is searching for a soul mate to share the happy as well as the sad moments.


The performance is inspired by the famous literary fairy tale The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen. In this new take on an old tale by AB-Dance Company and JoJo-Oulu Dance Centre the audience in the theatre finds themselves in the middle of a topsy-turvy Play Date where new friendship candidates are tested with increasingly dotty assignments.


Mette is quite a character so you better put your best foot forward or you might risk missing the boat altogether. But are her expectations so sky-high that all the contenders are due to fail? Will our three princes win her over?


Choreography, concept and sound design: Jaakko Toivonen and Kinga László | Dance: Janne Aspvik, Elina Raiskinmäki / Linda Björkqvist, Arvo Jean-Michael Saarinen, Patrick Di Quirico | Set design/ illustration: Peetu Pasanen | Costume: Marjo Haapasalo | Production: JoJo – Oulu Dance Cetre & AB Dance Company | Duration: 50 min |Age recommend: 4+ years | Premiere: 2.3.2019 (Manilla, Turku)



BOLKA - Ode to endorphines

Vinttikamari, Oulu Theatre

Thu 14.3. at 19, Premiere

Fri 15.3. at 19 + audience discussion

Wed 20.3. at 13 and 19

Thu 21.3. at 13  and 19 

Fri 22.3. at 13 and 19  

Sun 24.3. at 15

Bolka is a performance that combines human sound and movement by choreographer Reetta-Kaisa Iles and the musician Eero Turkka. The scenography is made by costume designer Mirkka Nyrhinen. This highly cooperative work is wrapped around the concept of pain. The artists' own aging, the challenges in bodies, the upheavals of life and the spiritual, the breathing challenges, have given their own impetus to this subject. We live in a time where there is no place for pain, we want to get rid of it, it is infused indefinitely out of our system, it is the way of our efficiency, the obstacle of our happiness.

Thought and feelings are nerve impulses inside the brain. Pain is a series of nerve impulses that are shaped by our thoughts and feelings. So the pain itself does not make our lives intolerable. It is caused by suffering due to our thoughts and feelings about pain. It has been studied that pain can be transmitted the same as emotions, such as joy or sorrow, from one person to another. The power of music as a producer of pleasure and pain reliever is based on chemical reactions in which the natural drugs of the body, endorphins, are released. The feeling of satisfaction pushes us on the move, creating the need for dance, helping to forget the pain and reminding of what it feels to be alive.


Bolka is a work of pain and tolerance. Ode to endorphins. Dance for the union of mind and body.

Performers: Reetta-Kaisa Iles and Eero Turkka | Choreography: Reettta-Kaisa Iles | Music: Eero Turkka | Skenography: Mirkka Nyrhinen | Photos: Hanna Koikkalainen | Production: JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre




Areena Oulu (Tyrnäväntie 16)

Sat 23.3. at 17 & 20

Come to see her who destroys, devastates, makes one plunge into madness! Tears happiness, takes one’s property, ruins the reputation, stains one’s honor, pushes society into chaos. She is here: Carmen! 

The internationally awarded stage performances by Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin are known for their absurd aesthetics. The ensemble’s premiere work KILL Carmen is simultaneously crude and cruel, alluring and twisted. Led by Roni Martin, the orchestra masterfully combines funk, flamenco and Balkan influences. Spanish dancers Mariana Collado and Carlos Chamorro erupt into the stage, all the way laughing right in the face of death.


Carmen: Mariana Collado (ESP) | Torero: Carlos Chamorro (ESP) | Don José: Victor Carrasco (ESP), Erno Haukkala (FIN), Samppa Leino (FIN), Roni Martin (FIN), Henrik Perelló (FIN), Antero Priha (FIN), Karo Sampela (FIN), Juan Antonio Suárez Cano (ESP) | Cleaner: Pablo Suárez (ESP) | Artistic direction: Kaari ja Roni Martin | Choreography: Carlos Chamorro, Mariana Collado, Kaari Martin |Music: Roni Martin | Lyrics: Roni Martin, Atro Kahiluoto, Pentti Saarikoski | Dramaturgy: Atro Kahiluoto | Direction: Kahiluoto-Martin-Martin | Light design: Ville Virtanen | Costume design: Erika Turunen | Live sound: Eppu Helle | Lights: Risto Sillanpää | Costume production: Anja Behm, Johanna Vehmas | Make-up and hair: Kaisu Hölttä | Stage manager: Miguel Kolliander | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Oulu Music Festival 




pe 3.5. klo 15 ja 18


la 4.5. klo 18

su 5.5. klo 16​​





Vinttikamari, Oulu Theater

Fri 20.9. at 19, premiere

Sat 21.9. at 15 & 18

Tue 24.9. at 19

Wed 25.9. at 19

We all have a father. Or not. Either case can be a blessing or a tragedy.

At its best the presence of a father is a resource but it can also cause grief beyond words and endless longing for love. This dance theatre piece considers the presence of a father from a daughter’s point of view and its significance in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. It derives its content from authentic narratives; what kind of a woman becomes of a daughter whose father has been present physically but not psychologically.


Direction and choreography: Hanna Brotherus and working group | Dancers: Taina Ala-Ketola and Kaisa Rundelin | Sets and Costumes: Jones Maxwell | Music Composition and Sound Design: Antti Rundelin | Narrator: Elsa Brotherus | Painting: Laura Saloheimo |Production is supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland/ Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu | Production: JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre | In collaboration with: Oulu Theatre | Duration: ca 50 Min





Fri 18.10. at 19, premiere

Sat 19.10. at 19

Sun 20.10. at 16

Thu 14.11. at 19, audience discussion

Fri 15.11. at 19

Sat 16.11. at 19

The heart of a woman is a dance performance about gaze, encounter and friendship.


The heart is all over my body


The heart of a woman is a circle-placed warp of encounters for two dancers and a musician whose instrument is a piano and her own voice. The heart of a woman beats for humanity, peeks into the history of her creators, reaches for understanding between hearts, dares to reveal herself to someone who cares when we drop and is inspired by sociologist Francesco Alberoni's ideas of genuine and equal friendship.


Human soul - captivating, changing, complex


The question behind this production is: could friendship between women be supportive without competition? Could friendship be like a long, warm summer day with permission to stumble and be unfinished? How would it feel then, how to live it bodily? The production is also interested in gaze both as a concrete act and symbolically: how do I look at myself and with it others?


My heart loves you

Direction and Choreography: Henna-Maria Hanhineva and Working group | Dancers: Heli-Maria Latola and Marjukka Savolainen | Music composition and performance: Mari Vuoritie | Lyrics: Working group | Costumes: Mervi Vainio | Lighting Design: Pauli Niemelä | Photos: Mira Kolanen and Matti Kilponen | Videos: Marjukka Savolainen and Antti Leppäniemi | Production: JoJo - Oulu Dance Center | Supported by: Regional Dance Center of Western Finland | The performance tour of Turku in 2020 is supported by: Taike, Varsinais-Suomi | Duration: 55 Min.