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Blondes is a version of Paula Tuovinen's 2000 solo piece Blonde reworked for Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything and Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes.

It is a recycled version of the original choreography that assumes its own shapes, and flows without any restrictions. It focuses on Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything and Joonas Lampi of Hot Tubes, corresponding to the dynamic duo of Paula Tuovinen and set designer Kimmo Takala in the original. An amoeba-like constellation of members of Hot Tubes also appears in every performance.

Paula Tuovinen's original performance explored the notions attached to the white female: woman as nature, woman as a child or a child-like creature, the white woman as a person of colour and the white woman as a joke. In the new version Michaela and the Hot Tubes blow up the notions and expressions of blondeness and give the centre stage to the inner bimbo in us all.

The performance is inspired by everything silly and weird. The bimbos can be children of nature, innocent, mean, unpredictable, irrational; they can come in high heels with high voices. They can be desired and despised, simultaneously goddesses and idiots – or not.

Paula Tuovinen has granted Michaela artistic freedom to work the motion material and the overall performance as her inner bimbo guides her, yet the effort still focuses on group work. Michaela is inspired especially by the aspect of the bimbo as something liberating and emancipatory. 

Michaela is the power figure of choreographer and dancer Laura Pietiläinen's soul, who channels the immeasurable, powerful and gentle energies of the universe, creating dance performances guided by the energy and emancipating everything she comes across.

Laura Pietiläinen, Joonas Lampi and Paula Tuovinen are members of Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes, a collective of approximately ten dancers that perform freely in various configurations. In their earlier productions JUST Queens (2013) and Divine (2015), Hot Tubes explored femininity and gender in general from various perspectives: the personal, the risky, the weird and the familiar.

The lighting and the sound-world of the performance are created by the artist-designer Mikko Hynninen, who also worked with the original performance. The sound design is based on an original work by Lotta Wennäkoski.

Choreography: Paula Tuovinen, Laura Pietiläinen | Performers: Michaela – The Queen of Fucking Everything, Joonas Lampi, featuring Kuumat Putket | Lighting and sound design: Mikko Hynninen | Stylist: Joonas Lampi | Residency: Saaren kartano | Production: Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus, Paula Tuovinen, Laura Pietiläinen | Photo: Noora Geagea | Premiere: 5.12.2018 at Zodiak, Helsinki | Duration: n. 40 min



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