BOLKA - Ode to endorphines

Vinttikamari, Oulu Theatre

Thu 14.3. at 19, Premiere

Fri 15.3. at 19 + audience discussion

Wed 20.3. at 13 and 19

Thu 21.3. at 13  and 19 

Fri 22.3. at 13 and 19  

Sun 24.3. at 15


Bolka is a performance that combines human sound and movement by choreographer Reetta-Kaisa Iles and the musician Eero Turkka. The scenography is made by costume designer Mirkka Nyrhinen. This highly cooperative work is wrapped around the concept of pain. The artists' own aging, the challenges in bodies, the upheavals of life and the spiritual, the breathing challenges, have given their own impetus to this subject. We live in a time where there is no place for pain, we want to get rid of it, it is infused indefinitely out of our system, it is the way of our efficiency, the obstacle of our happiness.

Thought and feelings are nerve impulses inside the brain. Pain is a series of nerve impulses that are shaped by our thoughts and feelings. So the pain itself does not make our lives intolerable. It is caused by suffering due to our thoughts and feelings about pain. It has been studied that pain can be transmitted the same as emotions, such as joy or sorrow, from one person to another. The power of music as a producer of pleasure and pain reliever is based on chemical reactions in which the natural drugs of the body, endorphins, are released. The feeling of satisfaction pushes us on the move, creating the need for dance, helping to forget the pain and reminding of what it feels to be alive.


Bolka is a work of pain and tolerance. Ode to endorphins. Dance for the union of mind and body.

Performers: Reetta-Kaisa Iles and Eero Turkka | Choreography: Reettta-Kaisa Iles | Music: Eero Turkka | Skenography: Mirkka Nyrhinen | Photos: Hanna Koikkalainen | Production: JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre

Reetta-Kaisa Iles graduated as a Master of Arts degree program in choreography at the Theater Academy in 2006. Prior to that, she graduaded from dance teacher education at the Oulu Conservatory. She has worked as a choreographer in the free field of art and in theaters around Finland. She has worked as a pedagogue in Sibelius Academy, Theater Academy and in dance teacher educations and dance groups all over Finland. In 2015-2018 Iles served as the artistic director of the Dance Theater Tsuumi together with the dancer-musician Tuomas Juntunen. Iles also acts as a performer and singer at Puhti Duo and Suistamon Sähkö.

Eero Turkka is a musician living in Sofia, Bulgary. Turkka has graduated from the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department with a major in mouth organ and singing. He was teached by for example Jouko Kyhälä, Maria Kalaniemi, Heikki Laitinen and Taito Hoffren. At present, Turkka is mainly employed as a musician in a band Sväng travelling all around the world and as a musician in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Mirkka Nyrhinen has graduated from Kuopio Design Academy as a designer in 2002 and before that as a hairdresser in 1998. She has worked extensively in the field of dance and theaters since her graduation. In addition to costume designs, Nyrhinen also creates visualizations for art works. Dancing as an abstract form of expression and the expression of the power of expression is the most popular form of stage art for her. Nyrhinen has been working with choreographers such as Marjo Kuusela, Jyrki Karttunen, Arja Tiile and Antti Lahti.

Note for the audience, please leave shoes next to the Vinttikamari door. You can bring your own wool socks with you. All the chairs and carpets are at your use. You can also change place during the performance. The performance does not include interactive parts.


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