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How will James the manservant manage the birthday dinner of Miss Sophie when all the invited guests are already deceased?

Antti Lahti is James in this comedy sketch based on the short movie Dinner for one. He will toast on behalf of the ghosts.


Table for two is a theatrical swing report about events that led to entry bans for life to a certain restaurant. In this screwball encounter two gourmets tell their own versions of what transpired during the meal with no shortage of surprising moves. 


Lady Lahja invites her adult children to a final meal. Cooking for three reveals her gastronomic secrets, including how she has brought up her children with rather odd recipes instead of love.


The evening consists of three mini plays which mix circus, dance, and theater, Between the plays the audience is served a three course menu that is related to the themes of the plays. The dinner features Antti Lahti and Liisa Ruuskanen. 

Produced by: Riihimäen Teatteri ja Tanssiteatteri Minimi | Running time at full lenght: 2,5 h



Dinner for one

Directing: Sanna Silvennoinen | Coreography: Antti Lahti & Sanna Silvennoinen | Costume design: Mirkka Nyrhinen | Set design: työryhmä ja Riihimäen Teatterin lavastamo | Music Milt Hilton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, esit: Milt Hilton, Maria João Pires, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra & James Levine | Performers on stage:James: Antti Lahti, Miss Sophie: Liisa Ruuskanen | Based on the original text ”Dinner for one” by Lauri Wylien.


Table for two

Script and directing: Johanna Keinänen | Costume design: Mirkka Nyrhinen | Coreography: työryhmä | Music: Fletcher Allen – Count Basie – Django Reinhart, esit: Hot Sugar Band | Sound effects: Matti Vanha-Viitakoski | Performers on stage: Petronella, Doris Linna: Liisa Ruuskanen & Rupert, Einar | Kantor: Antti Lahti



Cooking for three

Script and directing: Taru Kivinen | Costume design: Mirkka Nyrhinen | Music:  Pjotr Tsaikovski, esit: London Symphony Orchestra | Performers on stage: Liisa Ruuskanen ja kaksi katsojaa yleisöstä

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