Fri 27.4. at 19 premiere

Sat 28.4. at 19

Thu 17.5. at 19

Fri 18.5. at 19

Sat 19.5. at 19


“Re:Action” is a whole evening contemporary dance performance with live music. Reaction or take action can express how we handle different levels of ourselves in multiple situations and interactions. A mixture of smaller, experiences, free inventions, absurdities and improvisations where anything can happen, anything is possible and likely not. There are no secrets, no inconsistencies, no scruples, no law. Painful, pleasing, going a tone of sadness and compassion for all humans in all faces of life. Can we be liberators or appear as something embarrassing, but when the situation is the worst, comes the awakening, people are cleaved, doubled, duplicated, evaporator, is continued flowing out assembled. But an awareness stands above all do you react or take action?

Choreogapher: Simon Beyer-Pedersen | Musician: Olli Estola | Dancers: Janne Aspvik, Meri Salmela | Chor. advisor: Heli Pippingsköld | Supported by: JoJo Dance Center Oulu, Arts Promotion Center Finland | Duration: 50min.

Tickets: 15€ / 12€

Tickets from the Valve ticket office,

at Cultural Centre Valve, Hallituskatu 7,

p. 08 5584 7575

Open Wed-Sun 12-19