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A ritualistic performance creates paradoxical events with an associative and experimental and be closer to oneself. 


The jigsaw of choreography evokes emotions as well as numbness, in which I draw my first breath in order to hear my own heartbeat. The performance is set between lines in order to emancipate the echo which reveals the logical and absurd energies of existence in the world. 


The bi-directionally resonating washing line (an invisible something) of the artwork suggests riding on the currents where otherness could become understood.


Choreographer and dancer Joona Halonen is known for his dark and minimalist poetic worlds where motion and body reside in the sounds of these worlds.


Choreography: Joona Halonen | Sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä | Spatial design: Salla Salin | Lighting design: Johannes Hallikas | Costume design: Minttu Vesala | Producer: Ulrika Vilke | Dancers: Arttu Palmio, Marika Peura, Guillermo Sarduy and Katri Soini | Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Cirko – Center for New Cirkus and choreographer Joona Halonen | Premiere: 6th September 2017 | Duration: approx. 55 minutes

Tickets: 15€ / 12€

Tickets from the Valve ticket office,

at Cultural Centre Valve, Hallituskatu 7,

p. 08 5584 7575

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