Food Theatre: FEAST!

 - Food theater performance with Spanish spirit -



Fri 27.11. at 19

Sat 28.11. at 19

The flame of this Arctic theatre barbeque bites, the spices burn and the mouthfull stays for long!

FEAST!, premiered in the autumn 2018, offers exotic dance numbers, shameful confessions related to food, escape from reality - and ham bingo. During the performance audience enjoys 3-5 course dinner.

The feast that escalates into looniness, features dance in emotional grounds of food relations. The cabare barbeques and drizzles our often twisted attitude towards the basic need for eating. We face the Moaner of The Year, we get to know the spirit of the cooked meat in dill sauce (“tilliliha”) and gastro-paranormal phenomenons. The performance aims to recognize the beginning process of melancholy and fixes what can be fixed as best as it can. It messes with the borders between the audience and the performers without avoiding risks by singing, dance and there.

Comedians and content culprits: Johanna Keinänen, Mika Juusela, Noomi Forslund, Liisa Ruuskanen | Dramaturgical dictator: Johanna Keinänen | Choreographic police: Liisa Ruuskanen | Visual despot: Jaana Kurttila | Spanker of the working group: Taru Kivinen | Lightning: Sam Siltavuori  | Tekninen toteutus: Sam Siltavuori, Aleksi Hinkkala  | Music: Tatu ja Touko Kemppainen - Gypsy Kings - Tony Evans and his orchestra | Band of the evening: Reetta Karhunen ja Matti Vanha-Viitakoski | Hair and makeup design: Jaana Kurttila | Meikin toteutus: Kiki Saastamoinen | Menu: Janne Tirri | Menun toteutus: Konst o. Deli | Production: Tanssiteatteri Minimi, Riihimäen teatteri | Photos: Petra Tiihonen| Production of the visit: JoJo - Oulu Dance Cetre | Duration: 2,5 tuntia

65e - including dinner and show. Water as beverage.

Other beverages are ordered and payed separately.

Table reservations: mira.kolanen(a)


Patatas bravas cantora y mojo rojo picante muy peligroso

(''Bold potatoes'' and mojo sauce)

Rollo del Mar mediterraneo con pulpo y no soy vegetariana con Aioli negro
(Marine roll, squid, pickled vegetables and black Aioli)

Sopera humeanta el ajo con almendra ojo y el pan paleta de panadero de nuestra cocina (Garlic-almond soup and country bread)

Loco pata de pollo con arroz de salida de sol y frijoles y vegetal los meteorologica Paola (Glazed chicken legs, spicy rice, beans and Spanish way made vegetables)

Churros de Hefe legendario exataldo con chocolate caliente y humedo
(Churros, or Spanish "doughnuts" and chocolate sauce)


The menu for the feast is designed by Janne Tirri, the restaurant's chef in Kuopio, and made by Konst o. Deli in Cultural Centre Valve. All food is lactose-free and gluten-free. Drinks can also be reserved in advance. We are individually in contact with those who have made a table reservations.