Timetable - to be announced in August

“Do not run around with trash and soil, for you never know, who`s home it might spoil. “

Frogpond is a dance theatre performance about the importance of clean water.

Moor Frog Molly returns to her birth pond for a big family reunion, only to find out, that her beloved home has been soild and spoild. While waiting for her relatives, the spirit of the pond; Peter Pond, wakes up.

How can small little Molly save her friend and home? Or perhaps she needs some help, maybe from the audience.


Written by Kasperi Nordman & Nina Mamia | Director: Kasperi Nordman | Choreography: Nina Mamia | Moor Frog Molly & Wanda Thewannabeworldsaver: Nina Mamia | Peter Pond, Steve Stonehead & Peksi: Kasperi Nordman | Set design: Niina Huovinen | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre | Duration: 35min.