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La Femme Rouge is a strongly personal piece in which the Martin’s adopt the rhytmics and form language of flamenco and spice it up with their own views and harness the boundlessness of modern music and contemporary art. It is a highly charged requiem where the unpredictability of life can be both crippling and an absurdly empowering force.


The Martins are joined on stage by the group’s long-time collaborator, wind instrumentalist Erno Haukkala.


Direction & dramaturgy: Kaari & Roni Martin | Dance and choreography: Kaari Martin | Music, lyrics & arrangements: Roni Martin | Costume Design: Erika Turunen | Light Design: Ville Virtanen | Make-up design: Kaisu Hölttä | On stage: Erno Haukkala, Kaari Martin & Roni Martin | Wind instruments: Erno Haukkala | Violins: Sanna Salmenkallio | Cellos: Max Lilja | Contrabass: Ulf Krokfors | Scrap metal percussions: Karo Sampela | Flamenco singing: Victor Carrasco | Flamenco guitar: Juan Antonio Suarez Cano | Vocals & Keyboards: Roni Martin | Recording & Mixing: Roni Martin @ Studio Martin | Assisting recorder: Benjamin Herala | Premiere: 23rd March 2013 at Savoy Theatre, Helsinki | Duration: 24 min | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre


The performance is seen in the evening together with Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin: The Raven. At the end of the performance will be seen Roni Martin's compositions and Kaari Martin's choreographies to Pentti Saarikoski's poem The horse of a crazy man.

Duration for the evening: 1 hour 

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