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“It is not our feelings or emotions that make us beautiful, but the silent tenacity we affront them with”.  - Jean-Luc Godard -


The idea that something reaches its fullness, not at its very best moment but after having tolerated, accepted, fought and come back. A piece about courage and the silent dignity that experience gives us.


Ruinous: what hides, what does not light up, what it is ignored… Mud Gallery explores the reconciliation to our most ruinous part. It is the process of acceptance and transformation of wounds in order to turn them into beautiful scars. Transforming what is ruinous into a ruin: what is showed, illuminated, boasted.


The lighting, the stage and the soundtrack are discovered through an organic way that constitutes an active part, influences and modifies the choreographic development. Stage elements that, circulating at the same spaces as the performers, travel from glory to abandonment in order to come back again transformed into beautiful ruins.


A performance created and directed by LA INTRUSA – Virginia García & Damián Muñoz. Music by Jesús Díaz (Making Music in Silence)


Creation & direcction: Virginia García and Damián Muñoz | Dramaturgy: Virginia García | Interpretation: Virginia García, Damián Muñoz & Omar Carrum | B.S.O. : Jesús Díaz (Making Music in Silence) | Stage and Costume: La Intrusa | Lighting design: La Intrusa / Jordi Berch | Technicians: Jordi Berch, María de Frutos | Sound: La Intrusa | Producer & Manager: Cane (n. canela) | Durarion: 62 min | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre

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