Fri 18.10. at 19, premiere

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Sun 20.10. at 16

Thu 14.11. at 19, audience discussion

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Sat 16.11. at 19

The heart of a woman is a dance performance about gaze, encounter and friendship.


The heart is all over my body


The heart of a woman is a circle-placed warp of encounters for two dancers and a musician whose instrument is a piano and her own voice. The heart of a woman beats for humanity, peeks into the history of her creators, reaches for understanding between hearts, dares to reveal herself to someone who cares when we drop and is inspired by sociologist Francesco Alberoni's ideas of genuine and equal friendship.


Human soul - captivating, changing, complex


The question behind this production is: could friendship between women be supportive without competition? Could friendship be like a long, warm summer day with permission to stumble and be unfinished? How would it feel then, how to live it bodily? The production is also interested in gaze both as a concrete act and symbolically: how do I look at myself and with it others?


My heart loves you

Direction and Choreography: Henna-Maria Hanhineva and Working group | Dancers: Heli-Maria Latola and Marjukka Savolainen | Music composition and performance: Mari Vuoritie | Lyrics: Working group | Costumes: Mervi Vainio | Lighting Design: Pauli Niemelä | Photos: Mira Kolanen and Matti Kilponen | Videos: Marjukka Savolainen and Antti Leppäniemi | Production: JoJo - Oulu Dance Center | Supported by: Regional Dance Center of Western Finland | The performance tour of Turku in 2020 is supported by: Taike, Varsinais-Suomi | Duration: 55 Min.

Tickets: 15€ / 12€ / 6€ 

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p. 08 5584 7575

Open Wed-Sun 12-19



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