Mika Kiviniemi appointed as the new Audience Work Coordinator

Performance and community artist, drama director (University of Applied Sciences) Mika Kiviniemi has been employed as JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre’s new Audience Work Coordinator. Developing audience participation is Jojo’s new area of emphasis and Kiviniemi’s tasks will include developing, organising and partially implementing procedures and content for audience participation in collaboration with artists working at JoJo and dance artists from the Oulu area. In addition, networking and collaborating with representatives of different fields are essential to Kiviniemi’s work. The work also involves developing and planning activities to strengthen artists’ professional skills and prerequisites to function as an artist. Kiviniemi will start in the beginning of May.

JoJo’s annual program is designed by a six-person team. In addition to the team, two experts, performing arts director Heta Haanperä and senior teacher and Docent of dance research, Petri Hoppu are consulted to design the program. Two members of JoJo’s board, dancer, dance teacher and drama director Henna Holma and dancer Heli Pippingsköld are also members of the program design team. Two members of the staff, Audience Work Coordinator Mika Kiviniemi and Managing Director Helena Lindqvist also work in the team. The program design team serves a two-year term.

The team provides versatile and multidisciplinary expertise on which to build the program. The aim is to create a program that is artistically uncompromising, that offers a personal connection to dance to as vast a group of people in the Oulu area as possible, and that promotes dance artists’ possibilities to work and boost the development of dance as art in Northern Finland.

A background to JoJo’s current reformation is provided by the 2015 strategy, whose essential goal is to enhance interaction between dance art and people and to make dance art more available to people.



For more information, contact JoJo’s Managing Director Helena Lindqvist, helena.lindqvist(a)jojo.fi, p. + 358 50 464 4880.

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