Timetable - to be announced in August

A dance theatrical performance about life that was grasped with both hands.


The performance is warm, cheerful and touching. Emotions and moods change, as in life. Basically, the questions in the weave of the presentation are: What have your hands done, touched, and felt? The work deals with everyday history and concrete doing with hands.


The script, composition, and choreography are based on the life experiences of the storytellers. The stories to be seen and heard have been collected from the elderly of the Tuira service center in Oulu, the young  form Tierna school and the children from the Kisakenttä kindergarten.


Actress Annina Rokka, musician Mika Kolehmainen and dancer Mia Lappalainen have prepared the performance by researching and combining different stories.


Script and dramatization: Annina Rokka | Music, composition and arrangements: Mika Kolehmainen | Lyrics:  Annina Rokka and Mika Kolehmainen | Coreography and dance: Mia Lappalainen | Lighting, sound and projection design: Otto Ahlroos | Light manager: Hanna-Leena Kauppinen | Props, costumes and staging: Working group | Poster and the performance program:  Riikka Kontio | Workshops: Annina Rokka, Riikka Kontio, Merja Männikkö & Mika Kolehmainen |

Story tellers: Eeva Vikstedt, Jouko Haanpää, Voitto Hongisto, Kerttu Tuomikoski, Annikki Koskela, Vieno Karppinen, Leena Luttinen and anonymous narrators,  Jiri, Saimi and Siiri from Kisakenttä pre-primery education, Tuira Drama group and Leinonpuisto school. Supplementary reports: Hilkka Alila, Tuula Rokka, Tarja Nieminen, Juuso Kiviniemi and Terttu Korhonen | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre | Duration of the performance 1h 10 min



Annina Rokka has been collecting stories and performing them with a musician or dancer, using improvisation as a tool since 2013. The way of working has found its handwriting and its place. It is communally and artistically significant high-quality theater that not only reaches its target audience, but brings their voices to others. Rokka won the national monologue competition 2018 with the War Child performance.


Mika Kolehmainen is a musician, composer, lyricist and arranger from Oulu. The main instruments are vocals, guitar, 2-line accordion, and keyboards. He is known as the musician of the band Rommakko. Since 2012, the band has been active at various festivals, events and rock clubs. There have also been appearances in nursing homes. The debut CD "Juhlat" was released in 2014 (Raakku-records).


Choreographer / dancer Mia Lappalainen (TaM) is a long-time dance artist and art pedagogue from Oulu, as well as the rector of the Oulu School of Art. In addition to With both Hands, her most recent works in the free field have been a children's dance theater performance Wings in a Knot, the participatory project The Story of the Tree, which has crossed generational boundaries, and the children's princess Pikkiriikinen (working title), which will premiere in autumn 2020 and combines dance, theater and circus.


Raimo "Otto" Ahlroos is the chairman of the Kulttuurikasarmi and a founding member of the Kokardiklubi, an active cultural operator in Hiukkavaara. He is included as a musician (bass) in many ensembles including King men combo. Previous collaboration with Rokka TariNoita: Diamond Wedding, (bass), War Child (lights, sounds and performance) and Shoes of Life (sounds).